Two years ago I read the Kite Runner. I really enjoyed the book and remember most of the details, however, some of the specific chapter details are hard to recall. Therefore, it is now your turn to teach me about chapter 5 of Kite Runner. You may use any method of presentation you see fit for your lesson and may present with a maximum of three (including yourself) students. Here are your requirements:

1. You must present questions to the class and generate a discussion about chapter 5
2. Everyone in the group must participate actively throughout the lesson.
3. You may use any method of presentation (i.e. powerpoint, class discussion, Q&A, i-search, activity, etc.)
4. You must include a brief homework assignment that supports your lesson you just provided.
5. You must clarify unknown terms and vocabulary words.
6. You must discuss at least three important passages with the class.

You will be graded on the following items:

1. That you included all of the above criteria and followed through thoroughly on each item.
2. Knowledge of the chapter and the ability to present the content to your classmates
3. Creativity in your presentation and understanding of key points.
4. The overall content and clarity of your lesson (This includes all of the 6 items above).

25% x 4 = ___ Total Grade