Resume & Cover Letter

A Cover letter is a letter which is sent with a proposal (example job application resume) to provide some additional information and highlighting your interest in the job. Your should write a resume cover letter which shows your unique background fitting the needs of the company and compels the recruiter to call your for an interview. Make your cover letter aligning with your job profile and the needs of the job.

Here is an example of a cover letter

Here is a sample Resume

Compose your own resume and cover letter.
1. For your education, list Boys' Latin and then list the college you wish to attend.
2. When you are writing your cover letter, tailor your letter to the specific position you are applying.
3. Use the examples as a model, but do not copy my words.
4. You must have the following categories on your resume:
--- Education
--- Work Experience
--- Volunteer Work
--- Skills
--- Honors and Awards
--- References

4. Both are due on Monday. Be ready for your job interview!