Julius Caesar Introduction Project

Your group of 2-3 people will be assigned a topic that has to do with the background information regarding Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar. You group’s task is to research information about the topic and create a presentation to teach the rest of the class about your subject. The presentation must include pictures and/or diagrams. If your topic is a person, research that person’s life and explain what the person is noted for. You may include a time line on your display.

Presentation Criteria:
  1. 6 Slides (5 of content; 1 for citations)
  2. You provide the information not the slide (Think of the way we did our holocaust presentations)
  3. Cite any information you use on the web. When you use an image, copy the website you obtained it from.
  4. Everyone must be active in your group
  5. You must present a final report of what each group member did in your group.

Possible Topics:
William Shakespeare - Cherinoah, Scott and Quaran
Queen Elizabeth I - Devaun - Dwight
The Globe Theater - Erick, Isiah Jaylen
Julius Caesar - Jaron Jarret and Salif
The Black Plague - Omar - Angelo - Chris
Elizabethan Theater - Khalid

The due date of this project is ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Friday, January 8, 2010

Presentation Rubric