Julius Caesar Project

1. In your small groups read the assigned Act of Julius Caesar.
Group A
Group B
Group C

2. As you read together, stop periodically and take notes on a new google document. One person should be the scribe and take notes about what is happening in each scene. Add me as a collaborator on this document so I can check it daily.

3. After you read your Act, review your notes and find a way to translate your scene. This is your opportunity to put the Act into your own words and preform the scene for the class.
Example: Presenting Act 2 Scene 1 as a rap, or a western, etc. In short, put this in your own voice and your own interpretation.

4. Your group will act out this scene in front of the class for a grade.

5. At the end of the project you will need to turn in:
A. Notes from your group (20pts)
B. One important passage from your Scene.(10pts)
C. A updated script of your scene (40pts)
D. A group brief (who did what and how did your group organize (10pts)
E. A critique of your peers presentations (20pts)