Independent Reading


Every day in class and at night for homework you will read silently and independently. The objective of this endeavor is to allow you, the student, to select books to read that you enjoy. Students are always told what they have to read, however, now it is your turn to read something you enjoy! Each night you will have to answer questions about your reading. I encourage you to take notes as you read and really pull out key points in your book along with characters, symbols, etc. Also, make connections and inferences about what you read. Please respond to the following questions about your book in the Google Form below.

1. Title of the book
2. Author
3. Genre
4. Summarize what you read - This should be 3-5 sentence
5. Analyze two characters - This should be 2-3 sentences that track the progression of two of your main characters.
6. Provide a supported opinion of your book - This should be 2-3 sentences revealing your opinion and including textual support to back up that opinion
7. What page number did you stop - Please list the page number you started on and the page number you stopped (e.g. 10 - 22) Must read a minimum of 10 pages.

These will be checked and graded every day. You will receive 10 points for your homework grade each day. Consider this an opportunity to enhance your grade if you find yourself falling behind. Your answers must be thorough, engaging and convey understanding of the selected work. Every Friday you will receive a quiz grade for your performance throughout the week.